Striking the wright balance for optimal growth

At Livermore Investments Group, we strive to create a real value proposition for our partners and shareholders. Our investment strategy is a reflection of our values and course of action.


We have created a diversified portfolio that combines income-generating and growth opportunities. By striking the right balance, we ensure short-term success and future development.


Our investment strategy focuses on emerging markets and prospects. This approach is the foundation of our exceptional capacity for long term growth.


Each individual investment has a strong value-proposition, creating a powerful portfolio. With experience and insight, we seek to reveal the true value of unique investment opportunities.

Think globally, act locally

Livermore’s investment portfolio focuses on three different areas: real estate, hedge funds and private equity funds. Our strategy for effectively executing on each of these areas, on a global basis, is to invest in the right people and companies. We identify and establish long term partnerships with top-tier managers, analysts and investment firms around the world. This approach gives us a unique and deep insight into each market niche.

Real value for partners and shareholders

Balance, Potential, Value, Think, Globally-act Locally

Livermore Investments Group generally invests directly in assets as the major or sole owner.

The company generally invests directly in prospects where it can exert significant influence.